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* Designer's Note:

Everything you read after this paragraph feels a bit like a resume to me, bottom line- I've created MASHIIAH for all you rare birds out there who can't be compartmentalized into one box. We're carefree souls, yet we still care just a bit, we're boyish yet no one can deny our femininity,  we're childish yet always serious when needed, we're always BOTH. What we wear is our first communication with the world, who we are and what we stand for.

No matter what you chose to wear, please promise me, it won't be any less than what I know you are- a beautiful rare bird




MASHIIAH was created by Bar Mashiah, following 6 years of living, studying and working in Paris.

Completed bachelor’s in Arts and Design at Istituto Marangoni, specializing in menswear.

Nominated into the top 3 collections of school, and top 12 collections of all Marangoni campuses worldwide. The graduate collection was featured in Italian Vogue and L’Officiel. Nominated by L’Officiel within the 500 young promising international designers.


Following the Bachelor’s, a Master’s degree was completed in Fashion Luxury Brand Management at L'Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués Paris, and professional Haute Couture embroidery studies at the famous institute, Lesage, owned by Chanel.


Mashiiah’s debut collection, Back to Kansas, was launched in Tel-Aviv in June 2019.

Ever since the launch of the debut collection, Mashiiah collaborated with numerous artists and celebrities, such as Static, Anna Zak, Omer Hazan, Shavit Vizel, Lina Makoul, Ira dolphin, Shirley Levi, Shahar Saul, Ron Perez and more.